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Warranty & User/Safety Information

Warranty & AerosCare™


At Aeros Recovery, we stand by our products. That is why all of our products come with a 12 month/365-day manufacturer’s warranty.

If your massage gun suffers a manufacturing fault that is not due to user error or misuse within 12 months of purchase, the purchaser may send it back for a repair or replacement, no questions asked.

Exceptions to this warranty are as follows:
1. Improper/misuse use by user, or damage to the product caused by transportation.
2. Unauthorised disassembly/repair to any part/component of the product.
3. Failure to follow the instructions and information provided by Aeros Recovery.
4. The product is damaged due to abnormal storage or maintenance environment of the user/customer.
5. If the proof of purchase is not provided, Aeros Recovery will reserve the right to refuse the warranty claim.
6. The user returning the product is not the original purchaser as per the original order.

Please contact Aeros Recovery by email ( to notify us of your claim, so the we can assess each case before the product is returned.

Please send the massage gun along with all attachments, battery, charger and case to the following address:

Parcel Locker 10178 21350 

217 Burwood Highway

Burwood East VIC 3151


AerosCare™ is an additional extended warranty available on top of our standard 12 month/365-day manufacturer’s warranty.

AerosCare™ is valid for 2 years /24 months from the date of purchase to give you peace of mind knowing you are covered for years to come.

AerosCare™ is available for $99.00 per massage gun.


Please carefully read and understand the below user and safety information that applies to using our massage guns.

1. Select an appropriate massage head and insert it into the front of the device.
2. Switch on your massage gun on/off by holding down the two buttons on the side of the screen for 3 seconds.
3. When the massage gun is on, power levels can be adjusted to your desired level by using the + and - buttons on the side of the screen. The number on the display corresponds to the power level.
4. The massage gun has a built-in protection device that automatically stops the massage gun after ten minutes of run time.
5. Switch the massage gun off after use by holding down the two side buttons.

Fully change the battery for up to six hours before the first use. (failure to do so, will void your warranty)

1. To charge, connect the DC end of the supplied 24V adapter to the battery’s charging port and plug the AC side of the cable into the wall outlet.
2. The displays battery level indicator on the screen will pulsate to indicate active charging.
3. The battery can be charged at any time; however, it is not recommended that the battery is completely depleted.

Danger: To reduce risks of electric shock, fire and other personal injury this product must be used in accordance with the following instructions:

  1. For adult use only.
  2. Use only on a dry, clean surface of the body over clothing by lightly pressing and moving across the body for approximately sixty seconds per region.
  3. Use the massage only on the body’s soft tissue as desired without causing pain or discomfort. Do not use on the head, or any other hard or bony areas of the body.
  4. Use only the massage gun attachments/tools that that provide the best effect for you.
  5. Bruising can occur regardless of control settings or pressure applied. Check the treated areas frequently and immediately stop at any sign of pain or discomfort.
  6. Keep fingers, hair or any other body parts away from the shaft and backside of the attachment/tool as pinching may occur.
  7. Do not place objects into or over the ventilation holes of the massage gun.
  8. Do not immerse the massage gun in water (or any liquid) or allow water (or any liquid) to enter the ventilation holes of the massage gun.
  9. Do not drop or misuse the massage gun.
  10. Only recharge with the supplied 24VDC charger supplied with the massage gun.
  11. Carefully examine the massage gun and battery before each use. Do not use if you see any problems/issues.
  12. Do not tamper or alter the massage gun in any way.
  13. Never the leave massage gun/battery operating or charging unattended.

Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the massage gun, and dry with a clean soft towel/cloth.


  • Do not immerse the massage gun/battery in water or any other liquid.
  • Keep away from heat sources.
  • Keep ventilation ports free from dust and debris.
  • Do not remove screws or attempt to disassemble the massage gun/battery.
  • Do not operate continuously for more than one hour. Allow the massage gun to rest for a minimum of thirty minutes before re-using.
  • Unplug the charger from device/battery after charging prior to use.
  • For adult use only.
  • Do not use if injured. Always consult your doctor or medical professional before using a massage gun.
  • Only use the massage for for the intended purpose of massage and according to the instructions.
  • Do not use a massage gun (or any vibration device) without first obtaining approval your doctor or medical professional if any of the following apply to the user: Pregnancy, diabetes with complications such as neuropathy or retinal damage, wear of pace makers, recent surgery, epilepsy or migraines, herniated disks, spondylolisthesis, or spondylosis, recent joint replacements or IUD’s, metal pins or plates or any other concerns about your physical health.
  • Frail individuals should always be accompanied by an adult when using a massage gun (or any vibrating device).

These contra indications do not mean that you are not able to massage gun (or vibration device) but we advise you to always consult your doctor first.

Ongoing research is being done to the effects of vibration exercise for specific medical conditions/disorders. This could result in the shortening of the list of contra indications as shown above.

Practical experience has shown that integration of a vibration device into a treatment plan is advisory in a number as cases. This must only be done on the advice of and in accompaniment with a doctor, specialist or physiotherapist.