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Quick Start Guide

Please carefully read and understand the below user information that applies to using our massage guns.

1. Select an appropriate massage head and insert it into the front of the device.
2. Switch on your massage gun on/off by holding down the two buttons on the side of the screen for 3 seconds.
3. When the massage gun is on, power levels can be adjusted to your desired level by using the + and - buttons on the side of the screen. The number on the display corresponds to the power level.
4. The massage gun has a built-in protection device that automatically stops the massage gun after ten minutes of run time.
5. Switch the massage gun off after use by holding down the two side buttons.

Fully change the battery for up to six hours before the first use. (failure to do so, will void your warranty)

1. To charge, connect the DC end of the supplied 24V adapter to the battery’s charging port and plug the AC side of the cable into the wall outlet.
2. The displays battery level indicator on the screen will pulsate to indicate active charging.
3. The battery can be charged at any time; however, it is not recommended that the battery is completely depleted.


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