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What are the Benefits?

What is Percussive Therapy?

Percussive Therapy is the rapid percussion of concentrated pulses targeted to the soft tissue and muscle fibres of the body. This helps to accelerate and enhance the recovery of the muscle 

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by breaking up existing scar tissue and promoting blood flow to the affected area. This type of therapy can be used to improve range of motion and allows for targeted pain relief.

Who is it for?

The Aeros Recovery Massage Gun is suitable for anyone who has sore muscles. Whilst percussive therapy is used by athletes and active people alike, its benefits are also utilised by office workers, elderly and people with chronic conditions. 
Athletes have notoriously stiff and sore muscles following their workouts and athletes already utilising percussive therapy understand that their next workout is only going to be as good as their recovery.


  • Accelerate your Recovery:
    Ease away tension and pain with the Aeros Recovery Massage Gun Pro. Perfect for people of all ages – from professional athletes suffering from repeating injuries to older adults with chronic pain. Percussive Therapy can be used as a tool to speed up and improve your recovery process.

  • Promote Circulation:
    The high speed vibrations of the Aeros Recovery Massage Gun Pro increase blood flow to targeted areas through the relaxation of the smooth muscle cells. Through this pulsing, blood flow is encouraged and this helps to promote circulation within the body and targeted areas.

  • Release Knots, Cramps and Spasms:
    Release the knots from repetitive stress, poor posture or overworking. Let the Aeros Recovery Massage Gun Pro massage away tender spots and feel your tension melt away. It can be used in lieu of an expensive masseuse and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

  • Improve Range of Motion:
    The Aeros Recovery Massage Gun Pro alleviates muscle tension, decreasing stiffness and allows for and increased range of joint motion. As the knots and scar tissue is massaged away it allows the muscle to relax and range of motion to increase.

  • Break Up Scar Tissue:
    The Aeros Recovery Massage Gun Pro painlessly breaks up scar tissue restoring your body back to ultimate performance. By utilising percussive therapy, the existing scar tissue can be worked on at any time of the day and through consistent use can be used to break up any existing scar tissue within the muscle.

  • Enhance Performance:
    Enjoy the many benefits of the Aeros Recovery Massage Gun Pro all in one compact device. Perfect for warm-up, warm-down, or recovery. Percussive therapy can be used by athletes as another tool to smash their goals and be better than the competition.